Social networks are one of the best ways to meet and satisfy the customer

Social networks allow you to make an X-ray of your clients, better than any other marketing tool, market analysis or in-depth interview that stands out. For a simple reason, here they speak freely, without coercion, without anyone bothering them or making them talk about something they really do not want.

On the other hand, social networks allow this information to be known, in the form of data and opinions, with a single condition, the company has to sharpen the senses and know how to extract it to be able to:

Identify the problems of your customers. Is there anything better than to feel heard? It makes you feel valued, that your opinion matters and is taken into account.

Social networks are one of the best ways to meet and satisfy the customerUntil a long time ago, an insurmountable barrier divided the customer of the brand, who could only try to communicate with this one through the telephone wire, through an interminable wait; Or resorting to the point of sale, in the hope that the shift vendor would have sufficient resolving capacity and / or knowledge to meet your request.

Today social networks allow direct contact with the brand; In a close and effective way. The 2.0 world is an open channel for bidirectional communication, capable of generating real-time interactions. An advantage that they do not hesitate to take advantage of the users, accompanied by their inseparable smartphone, to which they resort to issue their complaints and suggestions anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the monitoring tools, the brands can, on the one hand, watch over the interests of the brand and, on the other, intercept these calls for attention by the users and serve them quickly and effectively.

In this way, in addition, they obtain a series of advantages added:

  • They avoid bigger problems, like a simple complaint degenerates into a whole crisis of reputation.
  • They demonstrate impeccable customer service, conveying know-how and generating trust.
  • They can turn unhappy customers into brand evangelizers.
  • They improve the customer satisfaction index.

A satisfied customer is the best ambassador of your brand

We have already discussed this on more than one occasion. There is no better promotion than can those who have really tried your products and are satisfied with their quality and service shown. Your opinion is invaluable, which also reverts positively in your environment; Thus attracting potential customers, recommended by a trusted source of first level.

Therefore, companies should take advantage of their potential to listen to their customers, meet them and talk to them, from you to you; Instead of viewing social networks as a threat, or a pedestal from which to feed their ego.

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