Is Google telling companies that it is better not to invest in SEO?

Google is no longer what it was, the great friend of SEOs has decided to show its true face. Providing valuable information about the navigation of a site, totally unselfish, it has given way to a big “not provided”, accompanied by another friend also unhelpful “not set”.

The day, on the grounds of concern for the privacy of users, Google stopped showing much of the data on keywords that attracted visits the page, the web analysts pulled their hair, SEOs lost the direction so far had led them in their strategy and, to make matters worse, they were unable to show those flaming reports on the progress of their actions … everything is black and become much more complicated for the future of SEO.

Is Google telling companies that it is better not to invest in SEOIt is true that a good and accurate SEO strategy often help find the website of the brand for those users looking for a content specifically. But it should be noted that often it is only partly related to the keywords of the brand.Something that now seems to lose that sense simply because brands have paid greater visibility and Google seems to be showing the way in which the SEM is definitely eating at SEO.

The era of kindness Internet giant has come to an end, leaving the fore their economic interests. It has not provided the definitively imposed by decree, and now to see these valuable data plays checkout. Even to use the keyword tool you must have an Adwords account. Although, I must say, it is currently not required to have any active campaign, but everything will come; but while. In the end, for many companies and brands, is much more profitable and effective resort to SEM and paid ads that investing in SEO campaigns that not even assure reach the top positions, especially bearing in mind that SEO is not more than the analytical part of the behavior of searchers, whose data is processed and displayed increasingly autonomous, semantics and restricted form.

Therefore, the only way that Google now offers the SEOs to know which keywords provide them with more traffic is to hire ads for these words; sad but true. As if this were not enough, new Adwords campaings enhanced force increase that investment, in order to have sufficient presence in both desktop and mobile. Another glorious novelty of the big G that led to a 6% increase in the budget for these actions, as indicated by Adobe Systems in June, and a rise of between 5% and 10% in the CPC throughout the rest of the year.

It is therefore not surprising that Google sells more publicity than all media together, as reported in mid Henry Blodget, CEO of Business Insider, recording the not inconsiderable figure of 60 billion dollars in profits this year, much of them from advertising. That said, Google is telling companies that it is better not to invest in SEO?

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