Best Gifts for Wine Enthusiasts

With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what to buy your friends and family, and often this can revolve around their love of wine.

Best Gifts for Wine Enthusiasts

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Online wine retailers are growing in dominance and sales are expected to increase to 14.3% of the total off-trade market by 2019. There are also a range of accessories available on the internet, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a wine enthusiast, we’ve pulled together some of the best ideas.

The Coravin Wine Opener

This accessory has to be one of the coolest ways to open a bottle of wine and it’s ideal for the sophisticated connoisseur. The system works by using a thick, hollow needle that goes through the foil and cork, so there is no need to remove the cork. Argon gas then pressurises the bottle to allow the wine to be poured without oxygen getting in, which maintains the quality for years.


If you know someone who enjoys a chilled glass of wine in the sunshine, then the Vinnebago is perfect. It maintains the same temperature of a chilled bottle for a maximum of 25 hours using innovative insulation technology, and the bottle even has a beautiful contemporary design.

A Wine Travel Case

If you’re searching for the ultimate wine gifts then why not purchase a VinGardeValise, which is a hard-shell suitcase containing temperature regulating high-density foam to protect wine bottles in transit. This is a fantastic idea for travelling wine enthusiasts who like to bring a few bottles home when they go abroad, and it meets airline regulations for checked-in baggage.

A Bicycle Wine Rack

When you’re thinking about where can I order wine gifts online, you’ll probably come across a number of unusual gifts and the bicycle wine rack certainly fits into this category. However, if you know someone who uses their bike regularly to get around and picks up a bottle of wine from the shop, this leather bottle holder could be just what they need.

An Unusual Decanter

Buying a traditional style of decanter wouldn’t be that different for a true wine enthusiast, so opt for something more unique which will became a real feature when they’re entertaining. For instance, the Riedel swan decanter is designed to represent a swan’s curves, which has created a stylish ‘J’ shape.

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