In search of influence through Social Media and Content Marketing

Influence, that gift that allows to get the favor of the audience to a person, brand or entity, to make them communicate with their message, to share their way of seeing, and even to support their actions and contribute to the increase of their relevance?

It is not easy to get, but it is not impossible either; Social Media can contribute to this, with the support of a strategy that joins actions in social networks together with content marketing that includes the following aspects:

Differentiate or die. The eternal struggle for differentiation, to stand out from the competition, leads to the imperative need to contribute content of quality.

Work to position you as a benchmark in the sector. Cultivate your reputation online, take care of all your interventions in social media, as well as the impact of your actions and the response of your followers and your competition.

Be active in social networks:often publish quality content, participate in conversations, leave your comment on blogs, accept the invitations of others and write on your blog; today for you tomorrow for me.

With the approval of the king. Content marketing is the main ingredient to give relevance to a brand:

Use a creative format. There are many ways of transmitting information, audiovisual content enjoys special acceptance among users; On the other hand, there are innovative techniques to apply in the writing of texts that allow authentic pearls, such as storytelling. Apply a component of fun and entertainment who said the information was boring?

Look for the interaction,encourages the participation of the interlocutor, either to finish building the story, or to take ownership of it and make it own, as is the case of the multiple mobile applications with which we interact often. Surely we have all taken part in some Facebook game. This type of activities also invite to share and encourage users to recommend it to their friends, extending the influence of the brand.

Show your more human side,encourages engagement among others, let users know that there is someone behind the brand, with feelings and hobbies, with whom they can have much in common. Practice identifying with the company’s staff, make them known and highlight the most characteristic aspects of their person, or their position, that tell anecdotes of the company …

Integrate in the environment. If you focus your activity in a local area, do not pass up the opportunity to comment on the weather, on some representative cultural or historical fact, or the dates indicated. You will awaken your spirit of identification, contributing to the brand that closeness that is attributed to the local environment.

One answer is worth more than a thousand offers.Customer service is a fundamental axis when it comes to achieving and maintaining customer loyalty. The mark must make an appearance whenever it is required; assume their responsibilities and face the consequences of their wrongdoing.

Let them talk about you, but for good. Get the best support, gain the confidence of the influencers, who, if you really deserve it, will work for you. Discover the brand advocates, the true angels of influence; those beings who, without expecting anything in return, defend the good name of your brand by layer and sword. They are especially active in social networks, they know your trajectory and you have fallen in love, reason why they do not hesitate to promulgate their love to right and sinister; if you know how to take care of them, they will never leave you.

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