Fours Essential Strategies for Testing Software

We all know that testing software is an important part of the development cycle, but it’s vital that it’s done using a carefully planned approach in order to ensure that it’s effective. There are a number of possible strategies when it comes to testing and you need to choose the most effective ones for your project.
Fours Essential Strategies for Testing Software

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Methodical Testing

You might think that testing by its very nature needs to be methodical and of course it does. What we mean here is that tests will be designed, planned and executed according to a structured outline. This approach to software testing services may have been developed based on experience over a number of years in a particular industry sector or may be based on established standards.

Standards-Based Testing

Many larger organisations insist on everything they do being compliant with quality standards such as ISO 9000. This ensures a consistent quality of operation throughout the business. In the case of software therefore it’s crucial that these standards are maintained. Where software is concerned there are specific industry standards like IEEE 829 which can be applied to create a design and testing specification, ensuring that a common set of standards is used across all projects.

Analytical Testing

Analytical testing involves assessing the impact and risk of the software based on input from the developers and the people who commissioned it. With this method you can also analyse how well the software meets the requirements laid down for it when it was commissioned. Services like and others can carry out this type of test based on a plan laid down during the design stages.

Directed Testing

Directed testing is often based on input from the people who will be required to use the finished system. By determining which are the most used and most critical areas of the project based on their input you can ensure that testing is focussed on the most important areas of operation. Using this strategy ensures that the software delivers for the end user, however, it’s important that other behind-the-scenes areas aren’t neglected.

In most cases a single strategy won’t deliver everything that’s needed for a successful project. Therefore, a combination of approaches will be the best way to deliver a successful testing plan and a fully polished piece of software.

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