8 essential techniques to be more productive

On many occasions they have gone through your head phrases how are you: “If the day had more hours” or “I do not have time to do what I want”. The truth is that time flies and we are not aware of how important it is until we collide with reality.

We tried to organize ourselves better with an agenda, even use new technology to better manage our time (mobile applications) or read a book to better utilize the 24 hours in the day. But still, we did not get to be as effective as they would like to be and therefore we do not get what we propose.

essential techniques to be more productive

So what is the solution to have the life we dream? We would all like to have more time to achieve our personal goals, to achieve our professional goals and reduce our level of stress. But is there a magic formula to achieve this harmony?

Unfortunately there is no magic formula to organize and better manage our time, although we know that many people get to do much more than us. Knowing this certainly motivates us for the simple reason that if others can, why cannot we?

Pay attention to the techniques I’ve outlined below, which will help you do the tasks at the right time and always in order of priority. This means that if you follow these techniques, begin to be effective and get to know how to manage your time properly.

But before going further, it is necessary that differences between being efficient and being effective. To be a successful person and achieve a balance between personal and professional life is essential to be effective, and to be efficient means any activity correctly, but had not decided whether it was relevant or not. And effectively, as we have said before, it refers to our ability to achieve what we set out. For example, if we set out to achieve one hundred sales a month and we did, we were effective because we accomplished what we set out.

Below I detail the techniques that I have found effective ways to achieve all my goals:

1. Analyze your habits. What will your time?

Assesses how habits and activities will your valuable time. Although it may seem silly, detect these habits will help you to realize what you must change, free holes that can leverage more to complete certain tasks, the time of day in which you are more productive, or at what point you should concentrate better to do the heaviest work.

2. Where are you going?

Once you’ve identified your personal and professional vision and your goals, you’ll follow the path you were going. Remember that the goals should be realistic, measurable, and achievable anything that does not meet these attributes, you must cross it off your head. If you spend time on something impractical, you’re wasting your time.

3. Plan your day and prioritize tasks

Plan the day or even a week, and write down everything you have to do, whether it is related to home and family, as with the work. Plan on paper and classifies tasks in less important. A script set will be key to focus on the most important tasks. It also will help you get everything that you set in the beginning.

4. Outside distractions: people, phone or internet

Prevents certain circumstances interrupt you when in fact they are not an important or urgent reason. A person who calls you by an irrelevant question, the sound of a WhatsApp on mobile or email may distract your attention at the wrong time.

Eliminate all distractions, because these are not going to help end all pending tasks. Find your planning time to take care of these secondary tasks.

5. Learn to delegate to others

It is important to know that you yourself cannot take care of everything and there will be things you will not be as good as you thought. Learn to ask for help and delegate tasks that others can do better than you.

6. Practice sport

Sport is a key piece in your life. Not only helps you to eliminate toxins and have more energy, but also reduces stress, increases concentration and allows a better night’s rest.

7. Concentrate on one task

If you focus on a single task, you will be faster and more productive than if you focus on several at once. A person at the end multitasking is not a productive person.

8. Plan everything in advance

Details like thinking the night before going to work what to wear or leave prepared food for the week can help you be more organized and less stressed in your life.

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