A quarter of advertisers consider the display mobile advertising of the future

At a time when 80% of peoples are connected to the Internet from their smartphone, turning the phone into a mass media and, therefore, a way to capture audience, about a quarter of advertisers consider The display the mobile advertising format of the future. Its versatility and ability to interact make it the most effective to reach the target audience, according to the report ‘Advertising trends in the mobile environment’.

A quarter of advertisers consider the display mobile advertising of the futureThe study, which analyzes the potential penetration of mobile formats, shows how the advertising investment in this medium will continue its upward trend to the detriment of traditional campaigns, which have fallen by half since the crisis began. In fact, according to MMA data, the investment in mobile marketing will increase by 65% in 2013, in contrast to the fall of 7.8% expected for conventional media.

Specifically, everything seems to indicate that they will be the ads in format display – graphic creations with or without movement (banners, videos, rich media) – those that guarantee a greater return of the investment, since, judging by the web traffic that they generate , Are the ones that get the biggest brand recall and are also the least intrusive.

After the display, formats based on proximity and geolocation will be the ones with the greatest growth potential; Especially those based on NFC technology, the great ally of m-commerce. And the fact that using the mobile as a payment instrument will make many users change the way they acquire products, using this support when making their usual purchases, which will give advertisers the possibility of reaching them for their Exact location.

Third is mobile apps, which will continue to be major drivers of mobile advertising. In fact, as almost half of the users connect to the Internet through applications, they are the ideal place for advertisers to insert advertising.

According to the vice president of madvertise, Paolo Vanossi, ‘there are more and more advertisers who decide to carry out campaigns on mobile devices and is reflected in the volume of global investment that these platforms receive each year. We are facing an emerging market full of possibilities and therefore we must know how to adapt our online strategies to reach our target audience more easily.

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