The dilemma of video as the center of content marketing strategy

The video seems to have become one of the most used resources by brands and companies. YouTube figures speak for themselves. 800 million unique visitors per month. However, not all videos are the same, nor do all of their contents arouse the attention of users. If we want to make our videos the best asset of our marketing strategy, there are some aspects that maybe companies should know.

The dilemma of video as the center of content marketing strategyIt is important to be aware of the strong viral impact that we can achieve through online videos, but in turn, we have to demystify some myths. And it is that besides that nobody can guarantee the success and viral repercussion of any type of video, the truth is that only a “very small” percentage of them manage to reach such objective and impact. If we add the number of videos hosted and accessible on websites and websites such as YouTube, the chances of achieving this are further reduced.

Undoubtedly, the rise of online videos has changed many paradigms of communication and media. However, we must emphasize that despite this, contextual information is still the most popular and consumed by users. Even in the social networks themselves, traditional online content, enriched or not with embedded videos, remains the most shared type of information. It is not easy or simple for it to overcome through online videos the repercussion that we can achieve through other types of content.

Although without neglecting its potential or the benefits that online videos can offer us, its use as an integrated part of our marketing strategy can be conditioned by many other factors. Many big brands and advertisers have been able to see how many of the videos of their spots and television ads reached more reproductions on Youtube than impacts on the television audience itself. Even the branded content proposals that show us through the video, all kinds of brand experiences and viral videos linked to certain companies need a media push to ignite “his wick”, and all this without a production that It is sometimes costly or inaccessible to any many types of businesses.

The growing demand for this type of content has been driven by the growing penetration of new and more modern mobile devices. No wonder YouTube prepares to compete with cable TV and pay services. This is the clue and the most evident evidence of the type of content demanded by users, and where leisure and entertainment encompass the most outstanding categories.

However, videos have also become another indispensable resource for many events. In this sense it would be possible to emphasize the great difference between the streaming or real-time streaming and the video-summaries that tell us “what happened”. Of course streaming wins this battle, while the reports are no longer relevant especially when they move away from the formula of the short, compact and short video. Long-lasting videos often end up boring, with low return hits and visualizations, and more importantly, having consumed too many of our efforts to receive so little award.

Where online videos can become the best ally of the marks in the cases of “Reviews and Tests of Products”. The increase in online shoppers has generated new habits and trends that demonstrate greater intelligence and greater control of impulsive stimuli in their purchases. Among these new habits we can emphasize the one to resort to reviews and analysis in video on all type of products before acquiring them. Youtube is packed with them and they count for thousands. Many of them, made by the consumers themselves, directly influence the purchasing decisions of other consumers and also become a source of information accumulated by the comments and opinions provided by other users and buyers.

All these conclusions serve to put our feet on the ground when we think that through the videos we will achieve what we have not been able to achieve through any other means, and of course taking into account that beyond the medium itself; Its context, ideas and our ability to viralizar it, can be decisive in obtaining the desired results even if there are no miraculous formulas to achieve it.

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