What is procurement for Business?

Without the services of a procurement officer businesses would find it difficult to function fully and could not even exist. They are an often-overlooked business role which is important to the functioning of any business.  As that great sage of our age Lorelai Gilmore says to her father Richard when he’s about to start his new business, “Before anything else can happen, you need pens, you need paper, you need. . . everything else, don’t you?”. Indeed, you do but there is the small question of finding the person to do that for you. They are certainly a special part of the operation.

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This is where a procurement recruitment agency like talentdrive.co.uk can meet with you and find you the perfect candidates. No two businesses are the same so you need someone who is tailored to your business needs and requirements and to the requirements of the role. The purchase of stationery is one of the many tasks that a procurement officer needs to do but you may have some bespoke needs that you also want them to cover.

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When it comes to servicing manufacturing organisations then the raw materials such as steel, plastics or recycled cardboard need to be ordered and bought. Getting these elements correct is not easy and it falls to the role of the procurement officer to make sure this happens and that your business is not affected by lack of access to items and products that could then impact on the delivery of your services.

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