What do we need to gain greater relevance and be more influential?

Influence is the goal we all pursue, to become a source of reference and that our actions have relevance.

To be influential, you first need to get authority, that your brand will gain relevance and positions you as a referent. Quality content influences the audience, prompts the purchase. If your results in online marketing have stalled, or you want to move to the next level, you need to create that kind of content that gets your audience to the action.

Practice active listening. Pay attention to your audience, spend an important part of your time to discover their needs, address their problems and resolve their doubts.

Develop your presence in social networks. Take advantage of this means to get closer to your customers, start following them on Twitter, and check the rest of your social profiles, do not stay on Facebook, look also at Google+ or LinkedIn. Surely they help you to discover many interesting facts about them. If you begin to follow those they follow, you will know firsthand their interests and hobbies. Post your comments and suggestions, participate in the surveys and do not forget to provide quality content and interesting references. In this way your followers will know a new facet of you, much closer, besides positively valuing your contributions.

It contributes quality content often. Once you have adopted the habit of listening, it is time to generate content, in abundance and quality. The most prolific creators are more likely to succeed and become influential; Since they cultivate a great presence in the online medium and respond to the interests of the audience by offering punctual fresh and quality content. Take it seriously and make your publications regularly. This will also give you relevance to the search engines.

Specialize and cultivate your authority. Choose a specific topic and soak it. Research, study and know it thoroughly, to be an influential reference in the sector you have to become an expert in the field. Once the domines, demonstrate your extensive knowledge generating high value content, such as White Papers or eBooks, in addition to your regular publications in your own blog and others related to the sector. Authority is only achieved by effort and hard work.

Learn from the best. Become a follower of the sector leaders and follow them closely, study their movements, discover what their strategy is based on and note yourself by mentioning them, referencing them in your articles. Invite them to participate in your blog, interview them, create a group on LinkedIn and send them a proposal to participate. They will help you improve your training and establish synergies that can become very productive.

What do you do to gain influence?

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