The day that marketing and technology went hand in hand

65% of CEOs demand ROI in Marketing campaigns, how to maximize the user experience and align actions towards business objectives through technological innovation was the focus of the debate in the micro business meeting organized marketing by 01Market.

Technological innovation is the key to maximizing business in the network. That is, the added value is what today defines the success (or not) of any enterprise, regardless of the support or platform in which it works. Faced with this challenging scenario, the consulting firm 01Market, the Edge company and the participation of Microsoft held the First Micro Business Meeting on Marketing and Technological Innovation, with the aim of creating an environment of collaboration and feedback of knowledge in the marketing and advertising market. online advertising. In this event, which involved the marketing agencies: BurodeComunicacion, 5ol, PostaTV, Trix Solutions, Social Metrix, Maskin Studio, EGSM, BS Net, NetOne,

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Argentina (IAB), an entity that brings together the main Internet and interactive advertising companies, online advertising investment during the first quarter of 2018 was 52 million pesos, 36 percent more than the same last year’s period. Throughout 2017, investment in online advertising reached 310 million pesos net. Beyond the promising numbers of this sector, there are some challenges inherent to any paradigm shift. The Internet universe can offer great business opportunities but it is also an uncertain terrain for many decision makers.

According to the consultancy Lenskold Group, 65 percent of CEOs demand that the return on investment of marketing campaigns be finalized before they are approved. That is, marketing professionals feel pressured by financial departments in the absence of metrics in marketing campaigns. This is where the new information and communication technologies that support and sustain business processes play an essential role.

“It is difficult to evaluate a specific proposal in economic terms. Many look at the costs but lose sight of the added value. To the excellent creatives that there are in the world of advertising, we must add the technological leg so that the contents can be taken more easily to the online. The time to market is fundamental and we offer solutions for this to happen. We want to be the technological leg of marketing agencies, “said Sergio Exner , general manager and head of Edge’s business management and guidelines , during the meeting .

During the workday there were some success stories where it was shown that marketing and technology work well. Edge developed for the company Arcor a content delivery solution for advertising campaigns of multiple brands on the same platform. Faced with this challenge, Edge developed a solution for the dynamic delivery of content based on the technologies of Akamai, a network made up of more than 36,000 servers in more than 70 countries, which allows content to be delivered with scalability, reliability and high performance. .

“The immediate result was the optimization of content delivery, reaching 100 percent availability levels for viral sites using social networks. In addition, we managed to simplify the management of the operation, centralizing the hosting and delivering all the campaigns from the same platform “, explained Marcelo García Barrese , architect of Edge solutions.

The new paradigm of content distribution has to do with the centralization of information on decentralized models. That is cloud computing, that is, distribute and bring content close to users, in time and form, whether objects, images, videos on demand or live. In the year 2010, the traffic on the network was equivalent to 1 DVD every five seconds. In 2018, that number jumped to 153 DVDs (4.6 Tbps), as revealed by the latest studies conducted by Akamai. During the soccer world cup, there were 1.6 million concurrent users.

The magnitude that acquired the network, the traffic that circulates through it, and the new uses and customs around the Internet make it necessary to think of a specific engineering when doing business online, either from a simple commercial exchange, the creation of media of communication, as well as the generation of online marketing campaigns.

The perfect triad

Digital marketing includes design, programming, positioning, interaction with social networks, online campaigns, email marketing, advergamin, among other actions. For 2019, electronic commerce will move 34,497 million dollars in Latin America, according to America Economical Intelligence. That is to say that there is a world of opportunities. “In the current context of competitive business, we must take into account the combination of the following factors: the business objective, marketing, and the application of appropriate technologies. That is, the value in technological innovation as a point of differentiation and optimization of business, “said Mara Destefanis , director of the 01 Market consultancy.

From a survey conducted by 01 Market among 100 digital marketing companies, it was determined that 54% of marketing companies work with in-house programmers, while 29% outsource services. One of the main conclusions of this research was to determine that the key to a successful marketing campaign based on the use of new information and communication technologies lies in a good dialogue between the business executive and the specialists in technology. “Marketing and technology are merging. You have to have a good dialogue between creatives and systems areas to reach an optimal product, “said Juan Francisco Ciarlo, head of online marketing at Trix Soluciones during the workday.

As in the online world the biggest bet is the integration under the paradigm of cloud computing, inside the organizations the bet has to be an optimal interrelation and integration between the creative and programming areas, to adjust the time to market and define clear objectives of what you want to communicate. As the CIO of the decade said, Silvio Szostak, former systems manager at Quilmes and now a business associate at Tata Consultancy Services: “The systems area is the ideal place to do all the process management of an organization because it is not biased by a particular area.” That is to say, “you have to be in shape, ready for changes, know what you want to communicate or sell and then integrate the solutions, from a creative and technological point of view,” Destefanis concluded.

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