The positioning in search engines, essential requirement

Before your web traffic starts to decrease and the number of leads reduces considerably we must consider if the website of our company is working as it should. There are numerous reasons why our website does not reach customers as we would like: we do not appear in the top positions of the search engines, we do not generate new content, our information is not interesting for users, among other reasons. If this has happened to our website we must do different optimization actions to improve this.

First of all, we must thoroughly analyze our website and know what fails and what works. To carry out this analysis, we will look at our positioning in search engines, in which the content we generate respond to the concerns of our visitors (there are studies that affirm that the user enters a website and if he does not find what he is looking for he leaves behind the second ), Positioning the ideal keywords, or if our website is adapted to all types of devices: computers, laptops, tablets, SmartPhones, etc. 

After this analysis we will know the failures of our website and we must work to solve them. To consider the solution to our problems, we must set some goals to achieve with our website so that the solutions are in accordance with the business objectives. For example if our goal is to generate more leads, our solutions should be aimed at optimizing the website for potential customers to find us, find what they need and contact us. If our goal is to be a reference in terms of information about the sector and generate traffic to our platform, we have to focus the strategy on knowing the readers to attract them with news of value for them.

Web positioning

The process of positioning web, begins with the choice of a series of keywords or also called keywords, related to the activity of the company or what you want to position the website, and a dedicated work is done with these, to achieve the Appearance of the website using these words within the first 20 results of Google. When this project is carried out, it must be taken into account that appearing on the first pages also depends on third parties that may make it difficult for us to achieve our objectives. That is why we have to take into account the type of website or products / services we want to position, the number of keywords, the competition, and a number of factors that will be analyzed through the campaign.

For the realization of this process we must take into account that the positioning web (to appear in the first results of Google) must be relevant and precise so that the companies can more adequately reach their target audience as it performs a Google search And receives thousands and sometimes millions of pages to which you can enter according to your search. Obviously the internet user will not take the time to review many of those results and will stay with the first ones that respond to their needs.

Therefore, companies that want their web traffic and sales increase, must consider adapting to new technologies, define their goals very well and optimize their websites to be in the top positions. A company that invests in a Web page and in Web positioning, will notice an increase of visits, to a greater extent potential clients, that indirectly will translate into profits for the company.

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