7 ways to look slimmer instantly

Losing weight is never easy, no matter what slimming companies tell you. There aren’t many people who are so happy with their appearance that they don’t think they could do with losing a few pounds here and there. Did you know that there are some easy ways you can adjust what you wear that will instantly make you look slimmer without spending two hours working up a sweat at the gym?

  1. Choose a top or dress with a V neckline. By exposing some skin up top in this way, you create a high focal point which makes you look longer and slimmer. If you have broad hips then a wide V-neck will be even more flattering and even out proportions. V-necks can be incorporated into your choice of tops, vests, jackets and dresses. Think about choosing this option if you plan to make your own clothes too.
  2. Fabrics can play a big part in how good we look so make sure you’re choosing the right fabric for you. If you want to avoid bulking then choose flatter fabrics such as cotton, denim or silk. Other materials that can work well to shape your figure include cashmere, jersey and fine cotton. For Dress Fabric choices, visit http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/
  3. Most women don’t realise that they are wearing the wrong size bra. By wearing underwear that fits correctly, you’ll achieve smoother lines, prevent bulging and feel more confident too. You could be wearing a band that is too tight or have the wrong size cups. Also make sure that your underwear down below is not visible, too tight or helping to create a bulked-out appearance.
  4. Accessories can really come to your aid in terms of giving a slimmer appearance. Longer necklaces can give the impression of a longer neckline and draw attention away from hips. Large, statement necklaces will draw the focus to your face. If you’re self-conscious about the tops of your arms then try chunky bangles or cuffs which will focus the eye there and not on your upper arms.

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  1. A great way to dress up denim and create a more flattering profile is to team it up with a blazer or sports jacket. Wearing narrow lapels and the clean lines of a jacket help to draw away from curves you might not want on show. For best results, add in a V-neck tank or blouse and choose darker denim tones. This should be an ultra-slimming look and perfect for casual or dressier occasions.
  2. Add in a pair of heels with a pointed toe and you’ll be looking super slim and pretty hot too! Wearing a pointed toe stiletto helps to make legs look thinner and longer as they narrow the calf muscles. Try to avoid a chunky heel or a flat-fronted shoe as these will make legs appear short and wide.
  3. When it comes to colour, sticking with one shade will help to create a long line of unbroken colour, making you look slimmer. If you don’t want to draw attention to your middle then try to avoid breaking up an outfit with obvious contrasts which will only highlight the differences between your upper and lower body.

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