Tables and social consumers. The new trend of online commerce

Consumers use various channels and digital devices to discover new products, with research and product purchases through their PCs in 87% of cases, the most widespread trend compared to 71% of those who prefer to do it directly in the physical stores. However, the latter, thanks to the performance of our new mobile devices, also make use of these devices when they are inside them.

Regarding the different mobile devices used for purchases or research of products, Smartphones are the preferred among 14% of consumers, followers of tablets (9%). However, these percentages are experiencing a rapid increase, especially in the case of consumers who prefer the use of tablets, which increases their penetration in the market.

The increase in Tablets

Among consumers who own a tablet, we found that 87% made purchases in the holiday season through this device, spending an average of $ 325 each. 50% use their device at least once a week to make purchases or search for products and 49% expect to make more purchases through this device next year.

Why do you make purchases through Tablets? Comfort and ease are the main motivations they present. 24% say they like the browsing experience offered by this device and 14% see the ease of transactions as positive.

A finding that does not go unnoticed is the clear preference that the owners of Tablets have for the stores in Facebook and the commitment in the social network. In general, 81% of consumers are active users of the social network and 43% follow their brands here.

However, tablet owners are more likely to follow brands on Facebook (57%) and are twice as likely as other connected consumers to buy directly on the social network.

Consumers are more “social”.

81% of consumers are active users of Facebook and are very enthusiastic about making purchases. Thus, 60% make purchases in digital stores or digital catalogs and 40% say that purchases make them happy.

As for the feeling that characterizes them when making a purchase, connected consumers present three at the top: “Emotion”, “saving” and “productive”.

Why the connection on Facebook

22% of consumers connect with their brands on Facebook because they like to share with their friends the updates of their favorite brands, while 21% to be inspired on what to buy when they have an indecision. Another 19% of consumers connect with brands to find offers and 17% for convenience, because they are already there.

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