No problem, I have a Community Manager

There has been talk and much of what should be the functions of the Community Manager and the importance of this figure in companies with presence in social networks.

But it seems that in many organizations do not understand that the Community Manager can do little if you do not define a strategy, if they have not detected in which social networks should be the organization and how to act in each of them, if you are kept isolated in the organization and of course if you do not get to understand that social networks serve to make you known and for the brand to relate to society.

Without a strategy, and although you have an army of Communitys, you can not expect results, much less in the short term, therefore before entering the world of social networks we will have to define objectives and frame them within a strategy to develop by the organization.

Many SMEs want to be present in social networks without first covering a fundamental plot, its website or corporate blog.

The web will be the starting point and the starting point, and the first link to be able to define a strategy for the presence of our brand on the Internet, and from there will arise the need to be in those social networks that best fit the organization.

Once these shortcomings are covered, you can start thinking if a Community Manager is hired or someone from the organization is trained, a person without being a superhero , will launch the defined strategy, hear what the brand says on the Internet, It will boost the social channels, transmit the image and values ​​of the organization, create a community around it and help our company to relate to society.

What in any case should be done is something that happens on many occasions: decide from night to morning that you want to be in social networks, hire or put someone in the organization to act as a Community Manager and think that with that’s the end of the problems in the organization and sales will increase from the next day.

The organizations that think that, are the same ones that a month later have their channels and the few followers that had got completely abandoned. Is that the image you want to transmit from your company on the internet?

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