Loyalty and commitment, keys to achieve online success

This is the main conclusion reached by a recent report developed by Forbes; In the current social productive model, the Prosumers (yes, yes … you and I … we) have great empathy and willingness to tightly link with the brands “that satisfy us” with little effort they make in relation to their actions and our needs .

Increasing loyalty (and demands also)

This conclusion, does not stop being “expectant” if we take into account the economic context through which we transit. Loyalty is increasingly higher … although obviously, the demands are also.

The client emerges as the nerve center of the power of decisions and as this happens, the links are more fierce … the clients are more “evangelized”. Once this state of connection between brands and their customers is achieved, it is very difficult for loyalty to disappear.

How are unconditional clients attracted?

It is necessary to become opinion leaders and for this, we must pay special attention to the added value that underlies our own commitment. We must be unique and constant.

Knowing our client is still the most favorable letter for success, remember that the fluidity of relationships, trust and credibility of any relationship is cooked to “slow fire”. The success of online brands lies in the fact that they have successfully consolidated and managed the trust of their customers.

The fulfillment of commitments and the delivery of benefits to our most committed clients is essential to transform that trust into feedback from influences.

And … we must also bear in mind that not fulfilling commitments automatically means the expulsion of the “Eden” from Social Media.

Establishing an emotional relationship is not a simple task. Social platforms are great allies of people who remain “lazy” … reminiscent of an analog generation converted after a debacle of everything known.

Achieving emotionality supposes trusting in the other, knowing how to share, delegate, striving with quality, inescapably committing to what we promise … a great challenge.

The most established brands have long realized that, to be part of influencial marketing, they must deliver added value, in a constant manner, which includes a personalized attention to their clients from the first contact and ideally, for life. .

It is obvious to say, at this point, that to achieve all of the above, it is necessary to communicate personally with our clients . Social networks today are the new customer service, exposed, public and 100% in real time.

It seems complicated truth? … well, beyond the social universe, the key is to convince us, to accept that the productive model changed.

That today, we are all responsible for generating the resources we need through the satisfaction of the needs of others. This implies hard work, perseverance, perseverance and commitment but … the fulfillment of the objectives … well worth the effort! …

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