Internet is strong against the worst forecasts and the fall of advertising investment

According to the latest forecasts of Zenith Vigía, advertising investment in media will fall by 2.3% in 2011, reducing the advertising market to 5,713 million euros, a figure similar to that of 1999.

This forecast, corresponding to the surge in September, worsens the data of the previously made by the same panel of experts during the month of July, when it predicted a fall of 1.2% in advertising investment for 2011, that supposes an important setback practically in all the mass media, except the publicity in Internet that continues growing.

Despite the fact that after the latest forecasts a “certain recovery” was expected in the second part of the year after a “very negative” first semester, with a fall of 5.9% in advertising investment, according to Infoadex, the economic news of the summer they have caused a return of vacations “looser than necessary to overcome”.

Regarding the different means of communication, investment in paid newspapers fell by 7.9%; in free newspapers, 6.9%; in the local cinema and television, 5.4%; in magazines, 5%; in supplements, 4.9%; in means for immigrants, 4.7%; in general television, 3.2%; abroad, 2.4%; in radio, 1.7%; and in thematic television, 1.1%.

Increase investment in online advertising

Faced with these widespread declines, investment continues to grow on the Internet. Thus, the forecast is that the money allocated to advertising on the web increased by 9.2% in 2011, with growth of 9% in graphic and video advertising and 9.4% in search engine advertising and links. Likewise, advertising on mobile phones grows, registering the highest increase of the year with an increase of 10.8%.

In addition, according to the forecasts of the Vigia of September investment in blogs could be placed this year at 11.4 million euros, 31% above the figure estimated by Vigía as an investment for the year 2010. Something similar happens with investment in social networks, which could end this year in the environment of 30.3 million euros, almost 53% above the figure estimated as total investment for 2010.

Meanwhile and according to the forecasts of the experts, the online video will close 2011 with an investment of 25.5 million euros, 70% more than the figure estimated in the last report of 2010.

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