Why you need to start producing content today?

There may be some concepts such as content marketing that sound like, or expressions like “content is the king” (content is king) constantly read in social networks but moved to the reality of the companies we find the following scenario:

– 45% of companies do not have any planning regarding content production

– 54% of brands do not yet have a director of content

It seems that there are already many people aware of the importance of content strategy but moved to the reality of companies, other techniques PPC (pay per click) are prioritized mainly because they have a more direct return but the question is:

– If profit margins are becoming narrower PPC time, not worth thinking about strategy content optimized for SEO, to provide us with quality traffic? In the medium term it is much more profitable.

Why you need to start producing content todayHighlights to keep out the marketing of contents

Leaving aside the two data of the beginning of the article would be good to consider are quick statistics:

– 329 million people read blogs every month

– Companies with active blogs get 97% more leads

– The clicks from content links have 5 times more chance of finishing in purchase

– Users spend 50% of their online time on content and 30% in social networks

– Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing

Benefits of marketing of contents for your strategy

At the strategic level content marketing cannot be overlooked for the following reasons:

– Your SEO strategy: If you do not produce content are at a serious disadvantage to your competitors. Your content posted on a personal or corporate blog is the most effective way that you have at hand to further optimize the most important to attract this quality traffic that can lead to sales for your business keywords.

– Content + social media: Your content is also your main lever to create viral actions and are the users themselves who spread your message.

– Storytelling: You can tell your story and get loyalty increase the ratio of your audience (engagement), even can make according to new trends: transmedia storytelling.

– Access to a multitude of channels: The content is so moldable that can be adapted according to the context that interests more:

– Audio files for podcasts

– Videos to exploit all part of youtube, vimeo, vine…

– Photographs for pinterest or instagram

Most important of all is that the content allow you to create “active”, this is the big difference with PPC techniques. Pieces of content that are actually useful for users will be rewarded with privileged positions in search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing … so that we can give results in the long run and continue to provide sales sustainably.


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