The musicians of the Titanic will continue playing: 10 keys to achieve it

A few days ago, after turning off the radio, bored with so much apocalyptic news, the story of the Titanic musicians came to mind.

We all know the history of those musicians, for some proud and worthy, for others indolent and absurd, who continued playing to reassure the passengers while the sinking of the famous transatlantic took place.

In a few years we will have checked if this Titanic, which some call economy, sinks. What we already know is that professionals, merchants and small entrepreneurs can do little to change the course of this giant in which we are embarked.

Unfortunately, we have no choice but to trust that the officers and the rest of the crew will be able to navigate in this sea full of sinister icebergs and, if necessary, close the waterways caused by a collision. When we arrive at a safe harbor we will have time to decide if this is the best way to travel or we look for another type of transport to avoid being involved in the same situation.

But now, there is one thing we are obligated to: survive and move on.

Therefore, as long as this Titanic remains afloat, the orchestra must continue to play. And I am telling this, because I have been detecting paralysis in the face of uncertainty among my clients and other businesses for a few months. In some cases, this paralysis is causing a flight of customers in the face of business degradation, which they attribute only to the crisis.

Adopting this position would be on the Titanic as throwing ourselves into the icy water, where we would have no chance of surviving, given the fear of sinking.

Making the necessary adjustments, if we want to continue selling, we must continue with a strategy focused on excite the client, to surprise him, to understand him and not to disappoint him. From my experiences of these last days, I propose these ten keys:

  • You should not lower stocks drastically, you need a minimum representation to sell.
  • You have to make decisions regarding products and brands, this time of crisis has changed the customer’s consumption patterns.
  • Do not miss opportunities: detect the star products and bet on them.
  • Do not think in absolute terms: consumption has decreased to a greater or lesser extent but has not disappeared.
  • Study the price ranges that your client considers acceptable with the greatest possible realism, not with your criteria.
  • Consider training in some facet that is useful to you, the market has changed a lot and you have to face increasingly better prepared competitors.
  • Try to do different things (shop windows, promotions, social networks, marketing …) is one of the main ways to attract your customer.
  • Do not blame your client for the situation, your body language will give you away and you will lose the client.
  • Observe what those who do well or whose situation has not gotten as bad as others do.
  • Do not have in your business newspapers, televisions or radios in which the client can access a news that discourages you.

Surely there are many more keys that would be useful to face this situation with more chances of success, but these are the ones that have come to me these days and I would love for you to contribute yours.

We agree that this Titanic navigates the most dangerous route that has ever traveled, and that it waters in many places, but that does not mean that it is going to sink.
As long as we stay afloat, let’s put our best face and keep playing.

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