The best way to get the engagement of our community

Community Managers are always on the hunt and capture of a user who wants to interact with us, who is interested both in what we have to say and the information we share with him, so that he is the one who shares it with his followers. That’s what most community managers crave. The engagement.

Many times it is very difficult to hook a user to our brand, it is very difficult to get the user interested in what we have to offer, so it is necessary to design an entire attack plan that makes the user, the surfer, turn to us and do not just say “walk, if you’re there”, but exclaim? I’m interested in what you have to say! I want to know more, give me more information!

And, what can we do to achieve this?

First of all, we must take into account that a hearing is not formed in two days, and that it is necessary to choose the tactics very well, so that our users feel, first, curiosity, and then, need to know what we are going to share. The objective is to become one of its essential, its users of header.

And for this, nothing better than creating and sharing content of the highest quality possible, which adds an added value and is different from the rest, that differentiates us from our competition, seasoned with a fresh style and, why not, something irreverent.

It is clear that a community can not be formed without contributing quality and value in the content, one of the most important elements being the headlines, for whose creation we must contribute most of our effort, since, according to CopyBlogger, it is 80% of users who read the headline to decide whether to read the full post or not.

Social Media is another great ally of the Community Manager to garner engagement from its audience, to make it a valuable community. We can not forget that sharing is essential in social media, and that are terms that are intimately linked, and sharing content, not just own, is a perfect way to get new users interested in our message.

Users are very likely in social media to share the quality content they find, and if that content is provided by us, we will have many more possibilities to create that link that we seek so relentlessly.

In addition, it should be remembered, and this is never wrong, that we are dealing with people, not with mechanical entities, so we need to act accordingly. We can not treat others as if they were machines, we have to have human treatment.

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