The Joys of Grandparenting

Many people can’t wait to become grandparents. It’s not a sign of getting old but a wonderful experience where you can enjoy the wonders and fun of having children around you but without the heavy weight of responsibility. Being a mother or father is tough so the rewards come later with grandparenting which can be a lot more fun. Here are some great benefits of being a grandparent:

A different relationship – the relationship that you forge with grandchildren is different to the role you play for your own children. You don’t need to worry so much anymore about rules, bedtimes, homework and all the other details of parenting but can focus on purely being the fun one! Being a grandparent is a special position in a family that can attract great love and affection so revel in it and enjoy your grandchildren for who they are.

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Someone to confide in – whilst young people might expect a lecture or reprimand from parents, grandparents can be the perfect go-to people to provide emotional support. You can provide unconditional love, support and a level of separation (generation-wise) to perhaps offer more balanced and unbiased advice.

Forever Young – the company of children is certainly a tonic for the soul and you can be forever youthful while you’re being silly with the grandkids. The health benefits of play, mental stimulation and interaction have long been recognised for people of any age, from 1 to 100! Children make you feel young at heart and it’s a breath of fresh air to look at the world again from a child’s point of view.

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Future Generations – what could be more wonderful and satisfying than seeing your family line continue across the generations, ever growing your family tree? Grandchildren are also the perfect reason for getting family and friends together to celebrate. A christening can be a joyful event to celebrate your lineage and the welcoming of the newest of the family to the church. For Ireland Christening Gifts, visit

Learn new skills – having grandchildren can open up a whole world of opportunity. Imagine you want to explore technology but haven’t the first clue how to set the gadget up or even how best to use. Your grandchildren will love showing you the ropes and showing off, as they get to be the ‘expert’. You get to learn something new, share quality time with the youngsters and learn something new that could improve your life.

Teach skills – it’s also a fantastic chance to show off your skills too. Maybe your grandkids want some golfing tips, knitting skills, learn to bake or get involved with your gardening. This is when you get to shine and pass on your knowledge to a whole new generation in a much more relaxed environment than when you were a parent and felt it was your duty.

Enjoy your children – grandchildren are a blessing than can bring you even closer to your own children. It’s the first time that your children will understand what you experienced with them and hopefully, they will respect you even more. It’s a time when you become peers and can enjoy an adult relationship based on new appreciation and understanding.

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