Consumers: How are they allowed to influence when buying?

There is no one who resists in the current moment in which everything is being possible here and now … everything is known in real time and is shared in a constant way before a model that is able to segment by interests and needs, a model in which the word continues to hold the greatest power in terms of communication and community building; a model in which security in payment systems is fairly guaranteed and in which costs are considerably reduced.

If we start from the premise of segmentation and even hyper segmentation if we talk about advertising, as an essential element to join efficient consumers, consumers who come together for common needs and who seek efficiency in their actions as a way to become an active part in the constant growth of the new model. It is easy to conclude that current consumers are influenced by quality, by commitment, by reputation and by honesty. Current consumers are influenced by what spreads quickly and how a growing number of users linked to the brand and being an active part of the growth and development of it.

Additionally, the current economic crisis has resulted in much more efficient consumers, consumers who build an active part of the model, consumers who reward brands that fulfill what they advocate, which leads to offers, promotions, discounts, coupons … with active participation, with “joint spiderweb construction” not only favor brands, but make consumer protection, transparency and eradication of any form of abuse more efficient.

The influence of current consumers is in the sequence established by the concepts; quality, commitment, honesty, satisfaction of needs, trust.

If you are looking to increase your sales figures on the Internet, you should keep in mind that current consumers If they know how to identify what is quality and with a little interaction, clearly define what is online reputation, current consumers are only influenced by quality .

Keep this in mind when evaluating investments in SEO campaigns, online marketing strategies or advertising campaigns, only through efficiency and quality, will the purchase intention materialize.

Quality yes, but … how to achieve it?

Determine your target audience, to which niche market does your business target?

Identify what your competition does, know what your added value is and if you are interested in placing yourself at a level where you can establish a strategic alliance with them.

Be honest with what you offer and consistent with what you advertise, deliver added value to your visitors, value only quality, apply common sense and put yourself in the place of the consumer.

It is important not to forget that one of the strengths of Web 2.0 is that we are all consumers and all users … where there is quality and commitment, there are users willing to consume, but of course, under new rules.

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