Hot Summer and Autumn Wedding Settings and Trends for 2016

The hottest trends for Weddings and Events in the upcoming months are all about individuality and getting back to nature, whether it’s personalised drinks, bridesmaids choosing their own dresses or more informal seating arrangements.

Hot Summer and Autumn Wedding Settings and Trends for 2016

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The personalities of the happy couple and the comfort of the guests are paramount in the popular trends for 2016 weddings.

Moving away from Uniformity

Centrepieces, flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses, décor – once they all had to match, but the trend for more varied options is rapidly gaining in popularity. This is a prime example of the more informal and rustic trends that we will continue to see throughout 2016.

Settings Trends

For too many years now, wedding breakfasts have been enjoyed around a number of similarly shaped round tables, resulting in the feel of a conference or awards ceremony and limiting who you can speak to during dinner. Long tables, such as those you might find in a school dining hall, or a variety of small and larger tables are becoming more popular. These are both more sociable and more informal options.

Venue Trends

Outdoor-indoor venues such as barns are bound to remain hugely popular throughout 2016. Barns give couples the chance to go with a trendy rustic-chic vibe whilst also providing enough space to eat indoors and socialise outdoors. Barns are usually surrounded by plenty of land, making it easy to erect a marquee. And whether you need marquee hire in Kent or London, these can be personalised to your own requests. Companies such as marquee hire in Kent specialists can also provide linings, lighting and table linen to your own preference.

Food and Drink Trends

Popular drinks trends include bespoke cocktails, usually created by the couples themselves as a combination that reflects either tastes, personalities or adventures they’ve been on together. Another trend is an a la carte menu that offers something for every need: veggie, vegan, pescatarian or coeliac. A further food trend is serving up so-called ‘heritage meals’ – something that links with the couple’s childhoods or cultural backgrounds.

As you can see, these trends are all about making your own personal mark on the big day and letting personal tastes shine though, as well as getting back to nature and creating a more informal and sociable day.

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