Top 3 tools for prototyping websites and applications

The prototypes are an integral part of the design process, allowing the review of the basic concepts of the project at the initial stage of its development and share opinions with other equipment. Thanks to them you can easily create an interactive model of a web or mobile app, which is able to identify any deficiencies in the flow and usability design before investing too much time or money in its development.

As every designer has a different way of working and their own preferences, we present three prototyping tools that give you the tools to create highly interactive designs without touching a single line of code functionality. We hope that after reading this list; find the perfect tool to test your web and your mobile designs.

Top 3 tools for prototyping websites and applications

1. InVision

InVision is a prototyping tool based on the web that allows designers to create highly interactive models for the web and mobile projects. Although you can not directly create InVision designs, you can upload your designs static pages in the tool and then add access points to transform them into fully interactive models. In addition, InVision has the ability to synchronize with your Photoshop documents or Sketch, allowing you to upgrade your prototype in real time within your usual design program.

In terms of features, InVision has a wide range of valuable tools to facilitate workflow, including the preview mode, comments, control of different versions, and file synchronization. It also offers a high variety of animated transitions and mobile gestures that can help you spice up your design. One of the best features of InVision is that you can add advanced interactivity, such as pull-down menus and buttons.

InVision’s ability to facilitate collaboration is the most attractive.  Your teammates, customers, or anyone involved in the model has the possibility to leave comments and specific discussions in each location. This eliminates the confusion that can create emails and helps to ensure that changes are implemented exactly where they belong. Furthermore, the function of InVision LiveShare, collaboration can occur in real time.

Perfect for Highly collaborative projects ideal prototypes format:  the web and mobile (Android and iOS). Capabilities share excellent features that include comments on a specific point in the project and collaboration in real time. Supporting Resources:  If, guides. Price: Various pricing plans ranging from free to a single project plan, to $ 25 per month for unlimited.

2. Origami

Origami is a tool for prototyping of Facebook that has been used to create models of various applications such as Instagram, Messenger, and Paper. Although it is primarily used for applications iOS by integrating with Apple’s Quartz Composer, Origami also supports the development of interactive prototypes in Android. The tool offers designers a package of gestures and animated transitions available through downloadable sample files.

Origami offers a couple of useful features for creating interactive prototypes, including plugins for Sketch and Photoshop, as well as an extensive library complete with forums, video tutorials, and guides. It has a feature to export the project code that lets you turn your visual design examples of code written for iOS, Android, or the web.

You can quickly test your interactive mobile prototypes directly on an iOS device with the Origami Live application. All you need to do is download the application from the Apple App Store and connect your iOS device to your desktop. The only but this tool is that it does not have the functionality to do a collaborative design.

Perfect for: A designer working alone iOS app. Formats ideal prototypes: the web and mobile (Android and iOS). Ability to share: No. Support:  Tutorials and files as well as a very active social community of users. Price: Free.

3. Pixate

Developed by Google, it is another Pixate prototyping platform that allows designers to test interactive mobile designs, animations, and wireframes for Android or iOS devices.

In Pixate, you can create interface designs as individual layers and animations similar to most graphics programs, through a simple drag and drop. Once you’re satisfied with your prototype, you can deploy and test it on an Android or iOS device.

Google has also done a great job by reducing the learning curve with Pixate. Once you put Pixate up, check out the documentation and tutorials offered online to learn the basics of creating your first prototype.

Perfect for Experts freelancers mobile application designers looking to create detailed prototypes of ideal prototypes Formats:  only mobile (Android and iOS). Capabilities share:  Depends on the plan. Support:  Yes. Guides and tutorials to get you started. Price: Free or $ 5 per user per month for a Cloud Plan.

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