What is the Anodizing Process?

An electrochemical process which is carried out to change ordinary metals into decorative, corrosion-free, and durable with anodic oxide finish is known as anodizing process.

You can use magnesium and titanium for this procedure but aluminium is considered an ideal metal for anodizing. The aluminium oxide is not put onto the surface as with plating or paint, however, is completely incorporated with the fundamental aluminium surface, so it can’t chip or strip.

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The procedure of anodizing:

In the process, aluminium is immersed into an acid electrolyte bath through which the current is passed. The cathode is separately mounted in the tank and aluminium itself works as the anode. So oxygen particles are delivered from the electrolyte to join with the aluminium iotas at the outside of the metal part being anodized. Anodizing is, in this manner, a matter of profoundly controlled oxidation applied on metal surface. For more information on Anodising, visit a site like https://www.poeton.co.uk/treatments/

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Anodized aluminium:

Aluminium is very useful and widely used metal among all the metals due to its anodizing features. Anodized aluminium is being used in hundreds and thousands of households and commercial items. Even it has applications in spaceships to make them stronger. It can protect the spaceships from extremes conditions in space. It provides an attractive look and long life for all products.

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