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Android N, what users are looking for?

Google surprised all and sundry with the launch (early) of the preview of Android N. The new functionality that supports the new version of Android is very interesting for those of us who are passionate about green robot operating system, of course. However, always the question of whether what they were looking for users is.

The first problem we face when assessing Android N is that, unless you possess a Nexus (and not all), it will be difficult to see Android N in action in quite some time. In fact, the previous version of Android, Marshmallow, is still at least 2% of the terminals say a lot.

Google still has a problem with fragmentation of versions, but is not new. The terminal update rate makes this new Android surely see M version if we bought a terminal next year, and probably not at all.

Android NMulti-window

The first innovation that stands out from Android N is the multi-window support. Is it something that users demand? Maybe terminals 5 – inch screen is not, but in larger terminals and tablets can be very useful. Google gives a necessary and interesting step, supporting something that takes time in some brands but that was not supported natively.

Actually, this new feature will be very interesting for convertible tablets, the new battle after the failure of the Net PC and quasi-failure of the tablets with the convertibles have a hybrid between tablet and laptop fast and light and it will be the exponent of productivity, with a split screen even more.


Android notifications have always been its best feature. Google long ago and enriches the step taken, allowing Android N answer directly from them, we took a big step beyond the functionality it provides.

Android is still the king of interactive notifications, making very productive (I think the delete button from the notification emails is what has saved me more time in my life) and with these new function can go one-step further. Google continues to enrich notifications on track.


The biggest complaint from smartphone users is the battery time. Google now extends the project Doze even more, battery saving when the screen is off. It is very necessary and hope works well.

In fact surely if we do a survey of smartphone users what most would value rather than new features, effects or even fluidity that the battery last longer. It is a very common complaint and Google does well to work more in this way.

Is all that glitters gold?

It seems that everything that brings Android N is positive. In my course, I think so. The only thing to bear in mind is that since the release of Lollipop are to small incremental changes that often take a long time to reach users. Not bad, Android is a mature system, but I thinking it would be essential that Google will work in another important change: updates between releases.

Upgrades between versions are still too complicated for most manufacturers, who cannot spend resources on keeping end up with low margins today. Therefore, the old terminals are quickly outdated.

The next version of Android (O version) should perhaps be designed to function as Windows at the time of the clone PC: anyone could install the latest version regardless of hardware you have. Sure it’s a big challenge but could bring a revolution to the smartphone market.

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