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The planned crisis are fewer crises

We are ending the year 2015 and as every year-end, it is time to make reflections. If we look back, we find that in recent years has been taking a turnaround in our oriented to anticipate possible negative consequences of the same customs, we have lifestyle habits that tend to be healthier, try to eat better, exercise , have appropriate levels of light to take care of our eyes, ergonomic chairs to care for the position when we sit, we try to make periodic breaks to maintain our performance at the highest levels … we are fully aware that both personally and in the professional, prevention is much cheaper than cure. No doubt. Changing certain habits, which are not always easy, we can avoid trouble that often can be fatal. And we are willing to make this sacrifice involved us both time and money.

What surprises me greatly is that what we have so clear and we want for ourselves and our employees do not want for our company. In our company we do not prevent what might happen … we are not interested allocate a budget to invest in managing a possible crisis, which can have such devastating effects as the worst of diseases or industrial accidents, may make it stagger the foundations of it, that company that both cost us move forward and put into operation. Still a ridiculous number of companies have a crisis manual. Continue reading The planned crisis are fewer crises