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Review of the consumer to the opinion of the brands

In the Internet world, a very important thing has changed. Everyone has opinions, as always happened, but now everyone can express and can make reaching others. The network has made that comment out the immediate circle of acquaintances and or already is not only limited to just the privileged few who had entered the circuit of the media and pundits. Today everyone can express what they think and to communicate it to others.

And in this new order of things one of the areas that have been most affected is consumption. Consumers are not only transmitted to their immediate environment what they think about the products and brands they buy, but now up to the network and marked with these views purchasing decisions of others. From the hotel you want to book for holidays to the laptop you want to buy for work, buying decisions are increasingly marked by notes that other consumers give these products and for the opinions they generate on them. Continue reading Review of the consumer to the opinion of the brands