5 tennis players looking for redemption in 2016

After the season of tennis, is already looking to the New Year, here is one who is called to redemption.
Over the past ten days the official season in 2015 the court, is already beginning to look to 2016. In particular, it is interesting to try to identify the players who are called to redemption after a year opaque for various reasons. We have selected 5 course primarily Nadal.


Surely the player who has most disappointed is Nadal, who has won only three tournaments, of which no Master in 1000 and none Slam, something that had not happened since 2004. In the distant Slam did really bad: in particular, serious defeats in the quarter to Roland Garros against Djokovic, because in Paris he won consecutively from 2010 and only in 2009 were eliminated before the final, and that the third round of the US Open, because she never lost after winning the first 2 September.

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Also in ranking is he has noticed his black crisis: after Roland Garros fell to the tenth position, which has not happened since 2003. At year-end away and climbed back up to fifth, not dropping a lot of respect at the end of 2014 (third) but only because the Last year, he almost completely missed the second half of the season.

Since the years pass and the physical is no longer that of a time, it is not obvious that the ransom arrives, but who knows, we are still talking about a 14-time winner Slam.


Another tennis player who has played a very bad 2015 is undoubtedly Dimitrov, who not only did not win tournaments but also went very badly in the Slam and Masters 1000. Definitely a step back from the promising 2014, where he won three titles and He had achieved very good results in the Grand Slam, especially at Wimbledon where he came up in the semi-finals, beaten by Djokovic, who managed to take even a set. We’ll see if the New Year the Bulgarian will be able to make a change in his career or if they remain an eternal promise. His problem is not so much the style and the game, but rather a mindset that seems to inaction. Also in the ranking he dropped a lot compared to last year: the end of 2014 was close to the top ten and even now is at number 28.


Another young man who has not fulfilled the expectations was Raonic, who won only one title and played only one final, losing to Federer in Brisbane in the first annual tournament. Also last year the budget was similar but did much better in the Slams: semis at Wimbledon, quarters at Roland Garros and the USOPEN, while this year has passed the first week only to Melbourne and Masters in 1000, the best result is the semi-final of Indian Wells. A little was also the fault of the physical problems that have affected especially in the spring, forcing him to miss both the International of Italy and especially the Parisian Slam.

Even in this case, further evidence of the decline of the Canadian is in position in the ranking, which dropped to number fourteen and at the end of 2014 was in the top eight. And 2016 promises to be not an easy one, if we consider that a few days ago announced the termination with Ivan Ljubicic, who had led him to ranking before the top ten and then again the best ranking (number four).


2015 the Japanese was not very negative as tournament wins, even three wins, just one less than last year, with a final defeat. Nishikori has, however, greatly disappointed in the Slam: the US Open, where he came from end of 2014, came out blatantly suffered in the first round against Paire, at Wimbledon was stopped in the second round, not even cause injury. To think that the Australian Open and the French Open had managed to reach the quarterfinals, as for Raonic also on the performance of Nishikori a bit weighed accidents.


The last one we think is strong in search of redemption in 2016 is the Australian Kyrgios, who promised much but so far has kept very little. True that has reached the first final ATP career this year, but after the exploits of 2014 (quarters in Wimbledon after beating Gasquet and especially Nadal, and the third round at the US Open) expected something else … Maybe it would do well to think not to provoke opponents and more to improve his game, since he lacks the talent.


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