Online presence, the best advertising in social networks at lower cost

How much will I earn if I get into social networks? This is the question that, doubtless, more times you will have to answer when it comes to interviewing you with a manager of any company. And it is true. Let us not deceive ourselves. The objective of any business is to increase its sales and, as such, can not forget the economic concept in any of the activities it undertakes. But what happens when you insert advertisements in a media, for example? Is that insertion also subject to future earnings? Is the printed medium required to print an exact figure before launching such advertising?

Online presence, the best advertising in social networks at lower costIn Social Networks, not everything can be measured. A lot, yes, but not everything. And just as a company does not know how much money is going to report to prioiri the insertion of an advertisement in a media, a Community Manager or Social Media is not a fortune teller, it can not respond with a certain figure. You can launch strategic actions to know which customers come from social networks, you can measure and analyze online activities through your statistics, but you can never, before launching your strategic plan, know how we are going to win in social networks.

But what you can see is the importance of the internet and 2.0 platforms to promote and promote the products and services of all companies, large and small. And above all, the small ones. Because social networks do not understand business size and are a great stage for SMEs to compete with larger ones on equal terms, as they had never done before. It is what we know as Guerrilla Marketing, that is, to achieve the greatest impact with minimum cost.

Advertising a brand has been and will be one of the main objectives of a company. Day by day shows that those businesses with presence in social networks increase their profits by increasing their relationship and interaction with their customers. And that advertising, thanks to social networks, is relatively cheap. Cheap and not free, since it requires professionals, time and effort.

Therefore, agreeing on the importance of business advertising, how much would a company cost a daily advertisement of its brand? The data speaks for itself.

Social media marketing has become a powerful weapon to promote your brand and your business 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Calculate what you should pay to advertise under these conditions. The effectiveness of advertising in the different media is beyond doubt. But the truth is that it is inaccessible to most mortals. However, social networks are within our reach. Your use of them is only up to you.

You have the last word. If you want powerful, creative and efficient advertising of your company or your personal branding in Social Media, the Community Manager or Community Manager will help you get a greater online presence without requiring crazy costs. I would certainly study the proposal and its profitability.

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