7 types of followers and fans and what to do to earn them

It is said that no two individuals are the same, that we all have our own characteristics, depending on our personality and way of acting or thinking.

On the other hand, certain roles can be established, which group us according to certain rules or behavior. This premise is also extrapolated to social networks, where they can differentiate between different types of fans, attending to their behavior:

The peaceful follower

From time to time he reads your publications, when they appear before him, but he does not look for them intentionally. Know your business, which does not imply that it is necessarily your client. He started following you because his friends were already doing it.

Truth be told, you are not your fan more unconditional, but you could get your reaction if you provide interesting content, great visual appeal, in the form of images, videos and prompted you directly to participate with surveys and promotions.

7 types of followers and fans and what to do to earn themThe follower to use

He started following your brand after having bought, or for needing your help at any given time, but if it is still there it is because you deserve it. When he says I like it, he really says it

He wants to position himself as a referent for his friends, a source of trust, so he acts according to his true opinion, not moved by other causes, such as promotions or contests, created for hunting and capture of vain social interactions

It is a great match, which can boost your social relevance and positively influence your environment. 70% of consumers trust the opinions and recommendations of their friends.

The search engine

49% of social network users follow a brand motivated by some type of discount, promotion or offer.

It is a true tracker of panorama 2.0; It moves in the Social Media like fish in the water, and knows to take advantage to obtain great advantages. Their purchasing decisions are largely based on such incentives.

It uses the social networks to know the news of the marks, to know better its products and last launches.

To win your support, you have to develop a strategy based on promotions and loyalty actions. Take advantage that it is a person especially active in social networks to ask you to refer to your contacts, and to value your products.

The customer dissatisfied

He has had a bad experience, and he does not hesitate to make it known through social networks; Look for a reaction on your part, and as soon as possible. 42% of customers expect to receive response in social networks in less than an hour.

This client seeks to get your attention, and uses the most media channels for it, something that can seriously affect your online reputation, and the concept that the rest of your customers have of you.

Therefore, you need to keep track of the activity of your pages on social networks, and use the monitoring tools to know what, who and where is your brand spoken. In this way you will be able to intercept in time these calls for attention and act accordingly.

The protest, also known as troll

It seems that it was born to criticize, that this is the only purpose of its existence and also enjoy with it. It is not necessarily a client, although it could be, what is clear is that better know how to identify you in time and be very careful in the deal.

It will take the slightest chance to throw its own against you, something that can do much damage to your brand image and, what is worse, generate controversy. 45% of customers are more willing to share negative experiences in social networks, better not give them reasons.

Above all, try not to enter the rag, nor give more importance than necessary. Always apply this maxim “Do not feed the troll”

The animators

These users are especially active in social networks, who are eager to interact, share and disseminate any aspect that they find moderately interesting. 74% of mobile social network users access their Facebook account through this device, and 2 out of 3 consult their Twitter profile several times a day; So they are always ready to act.

So give them motives to act, launch promotions, thank their interactions and encourage them to share your content. They can be great diffusers of your brand in Social Media.

Unconditional fans

These really deserve a prize, they are always there. They blindly trust your brand and bet on you. They recommend you to your contacts and defend you wherever you need them. In addition, your opinions and appreciations are sincere, so you can be very useful in knowing if you are doing well, or what you should improve.

One-third of consumers enjoy sharing their positive experiences with the brand. Take advantage of their human quality and have a detail with these faithful followers, encourage their loyalty and remember them when you launch or think launch an exclusive promotion.

Have you identified any of these profiles among your followers? Who are the most common? What do you do to earn them

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