Five benefits of buying yourself flowers regularly

  1. Feel the genuine smile

You may not have known that there are many different types of smiles. A ‘Duchenne’ smile is the most authentic smile. In 2005, Professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones, a psychologist, found that all women who received flowers in her study wore the Duchenne Smile.

If you want to make yourself smile, then buying flowers is the best way to start.

  1. Boost your compassion levels

According to a study conducted by Dr Nancy Etcoff of Harvard University Medical School, flowers can increase people’s feelings of compassion towards others. Fresh cut flowers placed in the home, even for a few days, had a positive impact. Respondents also reported feeling less anxious or worried than usual. For a Florist Tewkesbury, go to

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  1. Get your creative mojo going

Do you feel stuck in a creative rut? A study conducted by Texas A&M University over an eight-month period suggests that flowers may be your muse. This study has been running for a long time and looked at how flowers affect workplace creativity.

Three different working environments were created. The first had abstract sculptures and fresh flowers, while the second featured plants and fresh flowers. The participants were then asked to solve problems within each environment.

The men generated 15% more creative ideas at the end of the study when they were working around plants and flowers. Women also came up with more flexible and creative solutions when there were plants and flowers around.

  1. Be more productive

A 2015 global survey of 7,600 office workers from 16 countries examined how plants affect creativity and productivity. The study found that those who work in offices with plants are 6% more productive than those in non-plant environments.

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  1. Stress and pain are reduced

According to research conducted by the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS), flowers may help reduce stress-induced pain. The study found that 90 patients recovering after surgery felt calmer in rooms decorated with flowers and required lower doses to manage their pain.

Next time you have a tension headache try adding a bouquet of flowers to your pain reliever. It will give you an extra boost.

Why you should buy yourself flowers

Interesting are the scientific studies that have been conducted on the effect of flowers on our health. But what do you know? You can say ‘just because.’ A bouquet is a little like a high-five, but prettier. You don’t have to search too far to find a good reason.

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