Winter and Christmas go hand in hand like Turkey and stuffing, a beautiful time of the year filled with carol singing, roaring fires, snow covered trees, family parties and mulled wine.  Winter can be an amazing time filled with crisp frosty mornings, children’s Nativity plays, carols by Candle light and Christmas dinners.  Presents around the tree decorated with sparkling lights and shining ornaments with festive songs playing on the C.D.  Families re-united and party games played, drinks and nibbles enjoyed after a huge roast dinner and a bright star shining in the sky guiding weary travellers’ home.

Spring and Easter go hand in hand like Chocolate Eggs and roast Lamb with mint sauce, a fresh new start to life.  With small, green stalks sprouting through the ground, yellow and white Daffodils, violet Crocuses, tiny, fluffy, yellow chicks, frolicking new born lambs playing in the lush green fields.  The clocks spring forward an hour and lighter nights are enjoyed by all.  Easter cards and eggs are given, special Church services held and praises given to the King of Kings on his return from the grave and to heaven He is risen.

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Summer and fresh, crispy, green salads go hand in hand like Church fetes, Morris Dancers and Maypoles, sun drenched days filled with laughter, paddling pools and holidays by the sea.  Sun glasses, wide brimmed hats, sun cream, ice-lollies and donkey rides, all synonymous with beautiful sunny days.  We all enjoy the sun but be aware of it’s dangerous U.V. rays that can penetrate even through windows, protect your home or work place from the outside with Brise Soleil horizontal or vertical blades that control overheating and strong sun glare from entering.  If you are looking to incorporate this kind of sun protection then check out websites such as  Summer, lazy, hazy, crazy, care free days of holidays and day trips, protect yourselves from the sun and have fun.

Autumn and our Harvest Festivals go hand in hand like home grown potatoes and freshly churned butter.  Leaves on the trees changing colour from green to red, gold, brown and orange, a time of Indian summers and fruit falling from the apple trees.  Clear star filled nights with stunning red skies offering the promise of a beautiful day in the morning.  Bonfires and marshmallows toasting on sticks, songs around the camp fire and hot chocolate in a mug.  At the end of Autumn, the clocks fall back an hour and the sun starts to sink lower in the sky.  The Four Seasons of the year, each one special with Festivals and food to enjoy, each one bringing the promise of excitement and new life.

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