Why you need to pick flooring that matches your lifestyle

Interior design is a wonderful means of expression, but injecting a particular personality into any decor isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. The pieces must all fit together. Call it creative flair, Feng Shui or just plain good taste, but turning vision into reality requires careful consideration.

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It stands to reason that the foundation must be right, which is of course the floor. What style of flooring has great bearing on not only the aesthetic of the room, but also its functionality. Different lifestyles will have different demands, including longevity and style factors, so choosing the right floor depends on a variety of things.


There’s no avoiding the issue, choice of flooring, or any furnishing for that matter, is always going to be dictated to some extent by budget. Of course, a good online flooring company will offer numerous options at each end of the spectrum. Vinyl/lino floors are cheap and easy to replace, whereas a solid hardwood floor will cost more, but also last a lot longer.


Personal taste will be a major factor in selecting a style. Vinyl, Laminate Wood Flooring and engineered woods lend themselves well to contemporary interior styles, whereas hardwood or carpeting is the obvious choice for those looking for something more traditional. If the interior is likely to change often then cheaper laminates or carpets are the obvious choice as they will be more cost effective, and easier to replace when it suits. Online retailers such as irwintiles.ie/index.php/wooden-flooring.html carry selections of patterns and materials to suit most tastes.


Carpets are generally a bad idea for those households with pets. Claws can damage the fibres and any unwanted mess maybe harder to clean up. Expensive hardwood may also be easily scratched, so the most practical option for animal lovers would be laminate or vinyl.

Human traffic

If the room in question is likely to see a lot of coming and going, partying or general traffic, then hardwood flooring is definitely the way to go. It will be more durable and show less signs of wear than a ‘softer’ option. On the other hand, if the room will be more one of relaxation, then a long fibre carpet feels very luxurious underfoot.

Whatever the choice, having the right flooring can make a big impact on a space.

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