What does a florist actually do?

It goes without saying that one of the most important things for a florist is that they actually like flowers. There is no point in having a job surrounded by all things flowers and foliage if you aren’t that interested in flowers and aren’t partial of a flower arrangement or two. This is why Gloucestershire Florist https://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/ enjoy their jobs.

Florists don’t only sell flowers, they are also highly creative individuals who will make floral arrangements for a variety of functions and gifts, such as valentine’s day and Mother’s Day bouquets as well as funeral wreaths and wedding flowers and corsages. Some florists also provide arrangements for local hotels and businesses so that guests and customers can enjoy the delights of a nice floral centre piece all year round.

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The arrangements that are made can be as small as a bowl of flowers to fit on the centre of table to a larger living wall display or floor standing podium filled with flowers and foliage. It is important that florists have some knowledge of how to care for the plants that are in their stores and how they will look next to other items in the arrangements. With weddings in particular couples will be looking for some guidance on which flowers will look best in a bridal party bouquet along with those that will complete their chosen colour scheme for floral arrangements during the ceremony and for the wedding breakfast and evening gathering.

You may also find that some florists will create arrangement for local floristry competitions with some also competing in national events. This is where they can really stretch their creativity and not only display their plant knowledge but also their design skills. Taking part in these types of competitions can help to elevate a florists business and will then hopefully bring in more business.

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Plant care is another element of a florists day to day tasks. This is much more than just making sure that the flowers are placed in fresh water regularly. The varieties of flowers being cared for will include everything from native flowers and foliage to more exotic species that may require more care. Using flowers for arrangements needs careful timing as you don’t want the flowers to have started to wilt by the time the arrangement is presented and equally you don’t want buds that have yet to flower. This is where the knowledge and skills of the florist come into their own.


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