Reasons to get into teaching

There are some great reasons to get into teaching. We are always hearing of teacher shortages on the news, and with class sizes getting bigger and the need for more schools, there will always be a need for high-quality teaching staff. Here are some of the top benefits of a career in education:

Progression Opportunities

Teaching is a brilliant pathway into a wide variety of education-related professions. It is a large industry with many different avenues and specialisms. Teaching allows you to progress into positions such as department head, tutor, community outreach projects, head teacher, education consultant and many more. There never needs to be a dull moment in the teaching profession as you continue your personal develop and add new skills to your role. Everybody desires a varied, interesting and satisfying career.

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Fun Extra-Curricular Activities

You won’t always be stuck in a classroom. Extracurricular activities are a massive part of what a school offers, and give you the chance to have fun sharing your passion with the children. Maybe you love sports, crafting, chess, foreign languages or science? Starting lunchtime or after-school clubs is a chance to share your love of a topic with students who feel the same, or encouraging those who have never tried an activity to get into something new.

School Holidays

It has long been a source of envy that teaching staff get such long summer holidays and it’s definitely a perk of the job. There’s Easter, Christmas and half-terms too! Bear in mind that you won’t be able to take leave during term time unless there’s exceptional circumstances, but those other holidays should more than make up for that. For those teaching staff with children, it also makes childcare a whole lot easier.


The job satisfaction of seeing a student understand something that you’ve explained to them is immense. When your class finally ‘gets’ something, you can feel proud that you’ve inspired this. As a teacher you have the opportunity to make learning exciting, engaging and fun. Your imagination and creativity can be boundless, whether you use lego to teach fractions or whiteboards for encouraging greater pupil interaction. For Magnetic Whiteboards for Schools, visit


The demand for teachers is high and this is reflected in the benefits package of becoming a Newly Qualified Teacher. In England and Wales, NQT’s can earn up to £32k a year, which is pretty good. As well as the many opportunities for job progression, teaching can mean a steady, secure and healthy monthly wage for a lifetime. With a shortage in available qualified teaching staff, entering the job market at this time also means the odds are in your favour for an attractive package.

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