Lingerie: How Does It Make You Feel?

How does lingerie make you feel? Words that respondents often come back with include ‘sexy’, ‘confident’ and ‘desirable’. The question is, though, can elegant lingerie actually have a positive impact on self-esteem, both within the bedroom and even generally in life? Studies suggest that women really do enjoy wearing lingerie, as it makes them feel altogether sexier and more confident.


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Inner and Outer Confidence

Studies, along with plenty of anecdotal evidence, suggest that not only does glamorous lingerie make women feel more sexually confident within the bedroom context, but that it makes women feel more confident when going about their daily business. One study in particular, by the University of Manchester, found that push-up bras didn’t just make women feel more confident – they acted with more confidence without even knowing it. Other studies have found that women enjoy the secret knowledge of wearing nice lingerie underneath their normal clothes.

Men and Lingerie

The great thing about lingerie is that is equally loved by those wearing it as it is by the men in their lives. Numerous studies have also looked into men’s predilection for sexy lingerie, such as this unusual study into the sexual behaviour of rats. Whilst the study found that a fondness for lingerie may be a learnt response based on previous positive sexual experiences, it shows how powerful the response to fabrics can be when it comes to sex.

Comfort Is Just as Important

Women’s love affair with lingerie is not a recent trend. In fact, it’s been going on for centuries. Luckily, however, the tight restricting corsets of days gone by are no longer popular, but the idea of wearing glamorous sexy undies is still hugely popular. These days and item such as the Prima Donna Deauville bra, available from online retailers such as, can provide both comfort and a feeling of sexiness all day.

So it seems sexy or elegant lingerie gets the thumbs-up from both sexes and can do even more than make you feel good in the bedroom. Whether you prefer something black and lacy or red and sheer, it may be a winner for everyone. The right underwear could see you feeling more confident and self-assured throughout your day-to-day life, potentially having a positive effect on everything you do.

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