How to Choose an Estate Agent

Selling your home can be a frustrating process. To make it easier, you need to find the right estate agent. With so many companies out there, you should consider your needs before you choose. Here are the factors you need to keep in mind.

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One of the biggest decisions is how much you can afford to spend. People are turning to online agents because they cost less and charge a one-off fee. High street agents often use a commission-based structure for payments, but some people choose high street agents because they like the personal approach.

Previous Experiences

Sometimes the best way to find an agent is by seeking advice from family and friends. If they’ve sold their home, you can ask them what they thought of the agent they used and whether they’d use them again.


One of the best ways to gauge agencies’ customer service levels is to check their social media. It shows how dedicated they are to selling a property, and you’ll see how their customers review the service.

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You can also use review sites to get an idea of how estate agents are performing, such as

If you’re wondering how do I sell my property online in Cheltenham, firms like can help you.

Narrow Down Your Choices

Once you’ve researched and sought advice from family and friends, you should create a shortlist of potential agents. It’s best to use online reviews and reach out to estate agents to see what they can offer.

Reaching out to estate agents gives you an idea of which has the best chance of selling your property.

Can You Trust Them?

Reviews are great to get a general idea of a company, but they’re not completely reliable. Check on their credentials and see if they are a member of a trade body like the NAEA property mark.

Think About Technology

Agents who haven’t moved forward with technology will have more trouble selling your property. Look for agencies that offer online booking, live chat, and online valuations.

Are You Happy?

You need to consider which agent you feel most comfortable with. It’s important to find a company that has professionalism and dedication at its core. You need to have overall confidence in your agent.

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