Five Tips for Choosing a Boarding Kennel

Leaving your pooch behind when you go away on holiday or for business shouldn’t be stressful – for either you or your canine companion. That’s why choosing a great boarding facility is crucial so that you have complete peace of mind and your dog gets looked after in all the right ways.

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These five tips will help you choose a kennel that suits you both and will ensure that you and Fido both enjoy your break!

Pay a Visit to the Kennel First

Before you book your hound into a boarding facility, pay it a visit first. What you see in an advert or online may not be an accurate representation, and it’s best that you pop in physically and see what’s what. This way, you can gauge the set-up for yourself and see if it’s clean and tidy and if the dogs look happy and well cared for.

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Chat to Staff

Friendly staff members who clearly love dogs are important, so chat to them and establish an open line of communication. If the staff are warm, caring and clearly passionate about the job at hand, the chances are your dog will feel this too and be comfortable during their stay.

Check out the Special Services

Some kennels offer everything from daily walks or runs to pampering treatments for pooches. If you know what services are on offer, you can book appropriate ones for your pup so that they have fun too.

Ask If There Is a Vet on Call

Every decent boarding facility should have a vet on call around the clock, just in case of any emergencies. When dog boarding in Surrey at or at any other facility, you should check and see whether the local vet has a good relationship with the kennel, as this will highlight any issues that may have cropped up in the past.

Find Out About Health Requirements

You don’t want your pup mixing with unhealthy dogs, so always ask if vaccinations are required, as this is a great indication of a kennel’s health concerns. A kennel that doesn’t require proof of vaccinations isn’t too worried about the dog’s health, and this can be a major worry, as your pet will be in close quarters with others and could catch something nasty.

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