Business Ideas: Babies Child Care at Home

Imagine that your partner and want to get out on a Friday night for dinner, dancing or just spend time together. It all sounds wonderful except for one thing: there is no one to take charge of caring for children.

Imagine you are a housewife who needs to attend a job interview. Have a good chance and you can not miss so you have to go but you do not have with whom to leave your baby in two years for a couple of hours. You do not want to annoy your immediate family or the distance you would not allowed.

BusinessThe solution: One professional, reliable and nice and who can call that comes immediately to take care of the kids while you are away.

What is the business idea?

Essentially talking about a team of professionals and experts in the care of children who can attend to your requests to take charge of their children for a few hours or a full weekend if necessary so you can freely meet other professional or social activities without the desire of who care for them.

The investment to start this business is minimal. You do not need more than a desk and a telephone at home to handle calls, keep track of your customers, internet and a small file. We could think of an initial investment of about $ 1,000 US dollars in equipment and furniture and another $ 1000 for advertising and promotion.

Personal and investment for business operation

As for the staff, you must form a team of people with skills for the treatment of children. Ideally they are women, better if they are pre-primary teachers or the like, or may well be single mothers who like to take care children.

It is very important to establish a protocol of care, train them on how to address special situations or emergencies, and especially having the capacity to serve children from difficult character.

Also you should develop a database with the availability of time for each person to summon at any time a customer care required. This type of service can be billed for hours, nights or full days assigning a different rate for each case the most difficult times have a higher cost.

The price per hour of home care for children can range between $ 15 and $ 30 an hour per child depending on the day, time, number of hours and the distance which has to provide the service and of course your caregivers, receive commission for its services which may be about 40% to 60%.

A variant of the service with an added cost could be to have nurses (as) that may eventually provide the care with basic medical care to children who need it and always under the responsibility and parental knowledge.
Business and Registration Procedures

The basic steps to register this type of business are the same as any other company registered in the commercial register and in finance and in some cases it is desirable to have the backing of a liability insurance for emergencies that may arise.

As part of the process you should seek the advice of a lawyer you trust to make a contract can be signed with the applicant parents in order to always limit the responsibilities and scope of your services.
The secret to success in this business

As you can see, the care of children and babies at home is relatively simple to assemble business, but whose success is based on a key element: confidence. When a person applies for the care of their children expected to meet a kind, affectionate, strong person too, but mostly nonprofessional, reliable.

For that reason you should give much importance to the selection of people who will be your partners in this business. It is important to have letters of reference, records in order and you can monitor them to ensure maximum satisfaction of your customers. This will grow your business.

In conclusion, you can also consider as another variant of the same idea to business, the possibility of offering the care of sick, elderly or disabled. Which of course requires other more specialized partners.

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