A short history of the carport

Does your home have an over-cluttered garage or a sleek and uncluttered carport? If it is the latter, you have Frank Lloyd Wright – the genius of American architecture – to thank.

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Taking its name from the French ‘porte cochere’, meaning a covering or shed, the carport was first popularised by Walter Burley Griffith back in 1909. It was Griffith who first incorporated an ‘auto space’ into his design for the WB Sloan House, but it was Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930s who popularised the term carport and built his unique and iconic Usonian homes with an oak carport attached.

Protection and style

The reasoning was twofold. First, as Lloyd Wright correctly identified, the American automobile was now made of sterner stuff than the first cars back in the day. No longer did they need their own barn with integral fuel and maintenance equipment because now there were gas stations to provide this. More importantly, the sleekly integrated carport was part of Lloyd Wright’s vision for a modern American architecture that embraced clean lines and kept the overall look of the property clutter-free.

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A carport for every car

Throughout the 1950s, the carport became increasingly popular. It was relatively cheap to construct because of the lack of walls, yet provided more than adequate shelter against the elements and enabled airflow around a vehicle so that it would not rust in the confines of a garage. Anyone could keep their car in excellent condition without all the expense of building a garage, and a carport could look considerably more stylish.

The benefits of the modern carport

The carport has never really gone out of fashion. Today, it is seen as a more ecologically-friendly alternative to a garage that requires lighting, ventilation and electric doors. Suitable for any vehicle, the minimal elegance of a carport can blend seamlessly with your property. An oak carport from a reputable company such as www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk will add value in addition to aesthetic appeal.

The modern carport has come a long way since its origins as an auto space, since modern carports often double as chic entertaining spaces for summer barbecues or as an oversized porch. However you use yours, the carport is a great way to protect your vehicle and a very stylish addition to your home.

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