5 stunning ways to bring reclaimed wood into your home

Reclaimed wood has always been a great way to enhance the look of a room, but with the latest craze of upcycling, it has become something that is particularly in demand. It provides a surefire way to create contrast, change the feel of an interior, or just enhance an existing traditional decor.

5 stunning ways to bring reclaimed wood into your home

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Just how do you go about adding some character and originality to your own home with reclaimed wood? Let’s take a look.

Plank flooring

Reclaimed wood is often very sturdy and robust, which make it perfect for flooring material. Using a variety of grains and cuts will give any room a rustic feel and, as with solid wood flooring, a good oil finish will enhance the natural shades and texture of the wood.

If you can’t source reclaimed wood, you may wish to buy new flooring, from a supplier like http://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk.


The original and unique nature of old wood can create a beautifully original ceiling. Old barn sidings can be cut and sized to your requirements, making a truly unique ceiling.

Reclaimed wood walls

Of course, if it can be used for floors and ceilings, reclaimed wood is also perfect for walls. To create a traditional, rustic atmosphere in any room, the weathered and knotted surface of reclaimed wood is the perfect material. Topped with a quality finish, it will provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing effect.

Fireplace mantle

A classic application for large pieces of timber – over the top of the fireplace. This will create a flavour of historic country styling, without the commitment that wooden floors or ceilings may require. Each individual piece of timber will bear its own marks and chips, making every piece unique.

Trim and skirting boards

A simple way to add some visual appeal to your home, skirting boards and wall trims lend themselves perfectly to a little customisation. Reclaimed wood, with its character and rustic appeal, offers a fantastic way to create contrast with the adjacent wall or flooring.

Durable, practical and pleasing to the eye, using reclaimed wood in your home is a great way to create a truly unique look and inject some rustic styling into any room. There are numerous ways to incorporate the material, and the variety of grains and sizes mean there’s something for all tastes.

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