5 Key Factors behind the Growth in Market for Toroidal Transformers

Transformers are used worldwide to change one electrical voltage to another: to step up the voltage or step down the voltage so that it can be safely used. Traditionally, laminated transformers have been the most widely used, but toroidals – doughnut shaped transformers made by wrapping copper windings around and through a ring-shaped core are becoming more and more popular. Below are five of the main reasons behind the recent market growth:

5 Key Factors behind the Growth in Market for Toroidal Transformers

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Size and Weight

A toroidal transformer is smaller and lighter than conventional transformers. Manufacturers use a minimum of raw material to make the core and to provide a maximum containment of magnetic fields. They can be up to 50 per cent smaller than a laminated transformer, making them easier to ship, easier to fit, and suitable for many types of applications.


Manufacturers can vary the core dimensions in order to produce a transformer that fits the application exactly. For example, they can make very flat transformers for different kinds of low-profile equipment. This scope for customisation makes them a viable option for many manufacturers.

Easily Mountable

Toroidals can be mounted using just a screw, as its shape is simple and symmetrical. This reduces assembly time, and makes repair and maintenance much quicker and easier. Of course, you don’t have to use a screw – there are alternatives such as plastic capsuling or enclosures. The advantages of simplicity are obvious.

Very Low Noise

Laminated transformers are made of heels of alloy which can sometimes vibrate and cause a humming noise. In comparison, toroidal transformers by Siga and others consist of a single strip of silicon metal which is tightly wound with copper, so it barely vibrates at all. Many manufacturers require minimal noise in their products and is a considerable selling point.

Low Magnetising Current

Compared to a traditional transformer, a toroidal transformer will see very little iron loss. This will result in a lower magnetising current and a corresponding rise in overall efficiency.

You can read more about the reasons behind their increasing popularity in this article by ElectricalEasy.

A toroidal can be smaller, easier to install and maintain, quieter and more energy efficient. They may cost more initially, but it’s not hard to see why many people believe that they have considerable advantages over conventional laminated transformers.

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