Why do Television programs make us mad?

One thing that seems able to create anger in the British public is television programs. Since the playwright Kenneth Tynan said the F word live on TV  for the first time (although that is disputed) during an interview the public have enjoyed writing and complaining to the BBC ITV and the now Sky and the Digital networks.

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It was a lot easier when there were just the two channels to get up tight about. They both held a monopoly on our viewing habits. In fact the emergence of Mary Whitehouse and her National Viewers and listeners association was to hold great sway on what the Networks put out.  What the dear lady would have made of Game of Thrones if she’d live to see it can only be imagined.

The investment in our television programs is incredibly strong. It isn’t just the usual suspects like Doctor Who (which itself has received strong criticism of late) that garner the attention. Eastenders and Coronation Street, staples of the British scene still attract attention when they throw in a risky storyline or two.

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The emergence of Channel Four, which went out of it’s way to offend and by edgy brought about even more opportunities for moaning It was surprised to find that it’s most complained  about programme, wasn’t the Word or some of its more adult film content, it was in fact Watercolour Challenge, which saw hundreds of daily complaints about how the winners final picture looked nothing like the Pier/Tree/Landscape etc. TV Aerial Installation Gloucester firm Steve Unett Aerials will still be needed to make sure you get a good reception for it.


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