Pizza makes us feel better

Researchers have known for many years that comfort food, particularly foods high in salt, fat, and carbohydrates can give us a temporary dopamine rush. Dopamine is the brain’s main reward chemical. It tells us that we are happy and enjoying ourselves.

You may have noticed that after eating two slices you feel great. Your brain is praising you for a good job. Researchers from Italy have also found that eating pizza actually helps reduce the effects of rheumatoid arthritis.

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There is such a thing as too much good. It is possible to make pizza with ingredients that are highly processed, and this can have an adverse effect on our health over time. Eating foods rich in fats, carbs and salts can also cause weight gain, high blood pressure and affect cholesterol.

Some studies link eating too much fast food (including pizza) with mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety.

What do we do now? Do we eat or not eat pizza?

Researchers have noted that this causal relationship could run in the opposite direction. For example, higher levels of anxiety or depression may make someone less able and willing to take care of themselves and more likely to turn to quick and easy food.

It’s therefore unlikely that eating too many pizzas will lead to depression. People with depression are more likely to eat more fast food, including pizza.

Human connection is the most important factor in mental health promotion. It’s the interpersonal relationships, and the time spent together, that determines the outcome.

Humans are social animals. Don’t ignore those connections. Speak to each other. Why not visit the Best Pizza Restaurant Dublin at

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If you see a loved one or friend is feeling down or not themselves, do not ignore, excuse, or dismiss it. Reach out. Be brave. You can check on them and even share a slice of pizza with them if you want to.

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