Keeping Well in the Winter

In the winter it is essential that we take good care of ourselves – the colder and darker days bring with them their own problems, and we need to make sure that we are healthy in order to get through the winter and make the most of it.

As much of the natural world goes to sleep for a time, here are some of the things to focus on to ensure that you are as healthy as possible over the winter…

Our diet is really important in making sure that the body can function healthily. What you put into your body has an effect on your health overall, and as winter is a time when there are many bugs and germs flying around, a good diet is an important part of making sure that your immune system is up to tackling these. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables – squashes, beans and root vegetables are all abundant at this time of the year as well as being really good for your body and packed full of nutrients.

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It is also important to get plenty of water into the body. Cutting down on the amount of alcohol that we drink is also a good idea, as this has many negative effects on the body and immune system.

Caring for your mental health is also essential over the winter. Make sure that you have a good mental health and self care routine – this could be writing a daily gratitude list or taking yoga classes. Do activities that benefit your mental wellbeing – things like knitting can help to calm the brain and knitting kits like this are a great way to get into knitting.

You could also wrap up warm and head to the woodlands – the presence of the trees can help to calm and soothe an anxious mind and walking is great for your body and your brain.

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Staying warm is important in the winter and with the cost of gas and electricity being a worry for many people, it is important to look at all the ways that you can keep your home warm. Good insulation will preserve the heat, so check that your windows are not letting the cold air in and use things like draught excluders to keep the heat where you want it!

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