Colour ideas for your summer home

Soothing shades and vibrant accents can add instant sunshine to any room. Here are some of the colours you need to bring summertime into your home at any time of the year.

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Coral doesn’t have to be bright and brash. In fact, muted tones can create a timeless and sophisticated look that still manages to inject a fun feel into interior designs. Corals can look particularly good when combined with graphic wall art, metallic or marble elements, and black furniture.


Yellow will always be associated with summer and vibrant tones can make the perfect contrast with white mouldings and other colours such as bright blue and sage green. Black can also be used to ground the design scheme and prevent the yellow tones from overpowering other elements.

Flamingo Pink

Less is more when it comes to flamingo pink but don’t be afraid to use it to paint a pretty window nook or another smaller space. This can instantly add light and life to a room without looking like you’ve simply caused an explosion in a candy floss factory.


Whether you choose to create pieces using crochet blanket kits from specialists such as or invest in some new items, soft furnishings can add texture and style. Turquoise tones are a great choice and pair beautifully with mint pistachio green and soft woods.

Pale Purple

Lilac tones are perfect for summer schemes and also for refreshing tired-looking spaces. Combine with deep violets, warm woods, and burnt oranges for a timeless yet modern feel.

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Pale Green

Pale or seafoam green can be an amazing choice for walls or can be the perfect tone when upcycling painted furniture. The result can be intriguing yet tranquil and airy and can work in kitchens, lounges, and bedrooms alike. Read more about upcycling on the BBC website here:


Bold colours can look refined and sophisticated when used correctly and tangerine is a great choice for anywhere from a dining room to an eclectic lounge. Combine tangerines, blues, orchids, and geometric patterns for a bold yet beautiful design.

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