How We Ensure that Medical Equipment is Working Correctly

Ove the past year we have seen how important the medical services are to us a s a society and also how much we rely on the medical equipment and machinery to help when it comes to saving lives. There are lots of different pieces of medical equipment that are used frequently both in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries as well as in ambulances.

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But in order to ensure that this equipment is in good working order it needs to be checked regularly, and it also needs to be checked to ensure that it provides accurate measurements – this is known as medical equipment calibration and is something done by a specialised company such as Medi-cal.


This is very important, especially during these times, as medics rely on the readings given by their equipment to be able to judge someone’s health levels, so a faulty piece of equipment could lead to death in the worst-case scenario.


Staff who work with the equipment will be given guidelines relating to each piece of equipment which will tell them how regularly the equipment must be checked, and they will then need to record the date and information relating to the inspection of that piece of equipment.

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If the equipment is found to need calibrating or has another fault, it is then withdrawn from use immediately until it can be repaired or replaced, depending on what the fault was with it in the first place.

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