Daily physical activity is more necessary if we spend many hours sitting

Keeping active will not only serve to be in a better state of physical and mental, but will directly affect our health. According to the different studies conducted so far by health experts, people who spend more time sitting around the day have a higher risk of death.

However, this increased risk decreases precisely when we increase our physical activity throughout the day. So far the recommendations were to perform physical activity at least 150 minutes a week, but it seems that is not enough and would require at least sixty minutes daily light walking.

Walking an hour a day would be enough

In particular, the study published in The Lancet magazine, analyzed data from 16 previous studies involving mainly people over 45 years of the United States, Western Europe and Australia. The authors found that one hour of moderate intensity exercise, such as walking at 5.6 km / h or cycling at 16km / h, was sufficient to compensate for the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time.

Many people may find it time-consuming to do a one-hour walk a day, however, statistics show that the average daily television consumption is about 3 hours, if at least one-third of this time is invested In performing exercise, would significantly improve the quality of life of the population.

In addition, another analysis carried out in The Lancet this week was about the cost to society of physical inactivity and, in particular, the cost to the world economy of sixty-seven trillion dollars a year by Health care and loss of productivity.

In short, the key to our maintaining good health is in the hands of ourselves. We must continue to strive to be an increasingly active population, with better eating habits and also avoiding the factors that produce stress and fatigue if we want to improve our quality of life.

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