What are the Google algorithms and how do they impact SEO?

Search engine optimisation,  or SEO for short,  is a system whereby you use backlinks and websites to increase your own website exposure and push it up the rankings on search engines results.  Getting on the first page of the search engine’s result is the absolute ideal for any business as people really look beyond this.  It’s such an important part of modern marketing that you really need to think about getting SEO Consultant Dublin based Ryco Marketing in to make sure that yours is correct and up to date.

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The algorithms that run Google are a complex and intricate set of rules and formulas used by the company to set their parameters of the search engine.  They also rank the websites in terms of relevance for those searching for them.  These algorithms work for us as they will provide us with the pages that we need and that we are expecting to see when requested.

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Since Google’s inception in 1996 there have been a series of updates added to the system to improve it.  The most recent date back to 2019 when BERT ( Bidirectional encoder representations from Transformers)  improved the system’s ability to understand the searches and the Core updates are something that happen over the course of the year several times.  This can lead to certain changes and fluctuations in Google but the SEO marketer must take this into account.  The final  change was the Page experience update in 2021. This took into account the core web vitals and used metrics focusing on user experience.

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